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Do you have a dearly departed you’d like to talk to? Any burning existential questions that only a true psychic medium can answer? Join Double D as the legendary Vole Sisters in this mostly improvised, partly scripted, 100% REAL and not fake AT ALL comedic séance! But watch out, we just might be visited by some very real spirits who want to set the record straight!

Appearing at the 2023 FRIGID NY Days of the Dead Festival!

The Vole Sisters Invite You To a Peculiar & Intimate Evening of Mystic Spiritualism
Monday, October 30, 6:30 PM
Tuesday, October 31 HALLOWEEN, 7 PM

Under St. Marks Theater

94 St. Marks Pl
Between 1st Ave and Ave A
New York, NY 10009
$20.00 + $2.00 fee - $25.00 + $2.00 fee
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Nannette Deasy

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