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Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, 2021 Best Interactive Show, Glamour Puss (Show was based on my original concept, performed with Graceann Dorse as Double D)
Tucson Fringe Festival, 2021 Best Bamily Show, Best Improv Show, Glamour Puss, performed with Graceann Dorse as Double D)
American Filmatic Arts Awards 2019 Grand Jury Award, Best Actress, Love Lives in A Void
Tucson Fringe Festival, 2020 Best Comedy, "Tammy's Bachelorette" - IRTE (My original Concept, performed role of Tammy)
Asheville Fringe Arts Festival 2017 Award winner:
Artists Whose Work Made Me Laugh the Most
"Happy Birthday, Stupid Kid!" - IRTE (My original concept, performed a lead role)
Nominated twice for Outstanding
MITF/Variety Performance
Midtown International Theatre Festival
2017 - Happy Birthday Stupid, Kid!
2016 - Dig
Princeton Independent Film Festival
2015 Award for BEST COMEDY, Double D, written and performed by Nannette Deasy and Graceann Dorse. A trailer for the pilot can be viewed here.
Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre and Film Festival
2014 SHITFA (Supreme Honorary Improvised Theater & Film Award) for Outstanding Genre Performance, THE SCARY, Improvised Stephen King
NYU 2000 First Run Film Festival, NYU Craft Award, Best Actress for "The Appointment." Directed by Cristina Kotz Cornejo, the film was developed under the advisement of Spike Lee and Nancy Savoca was awarded 3 NYU Craft Awards, a Warner Bros. Pictures Production Award, and a Dean's Post Production Award and was distributed by Urban Entertainment.
American Filmatic Awards
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"The artistic director [of IRTE] Nannette Deasy also happened to expertly play the cohesive clown, Pound Foolish. She was not clowning around with her fine funny performance." Jen Bush, Words4Music
"Nannette Deasy, [IRTE's] Artistic Director... was a stitch... alternately wheedling and threatening, her work, first rate. Funny, inventive, and terrific at keeping the improv moving in the right direction, Ms. Deasy is one of the founding members of IRTE, along with Robert Baumgardner, Isabella Church, and Mr. Maloney, all of whom are to be congratulated for assembling an engaging troupe of talented actors who are clearly dedicated to exploring the improvisional art." Jan Ewing, Hi! Drama
"Notable cast mentions go to NANNETTE DEASY who played the aging and pitifully washed up Norah Diamond honestly and believably. Her facial expressions were every bit reminiscent of Gloria Swanson waiting for her close up! ...Pleasurable, funny, artfully crafted and fast paced... a quick and welcoming reboot to one’s personal laugh meter. I recommend all stop by far an enjoyable tune up!" Michael D’Antoni, Outerstage, True Blue Noir
"Ruby, skillfully played by Nannette Deasy, is a lonely, middle-age woman pining for her long absent husband." Ewing Reviewing
"Under the leadership of founder and artistic director, Nannette Deasy,  the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble has become one of the leading improv troupes in merry old Manhattan and a welcome and uproarious asset to festivals and other engagements across the country. The innovative group mixes retro humor, clever off-on-the-spot wit, and classic theatrical techniques to present wildly unique and wildly funny shows." Natasha Dawsen, Drama Queens,  Comedy is Deasy! A moment with IRTE’s leader and comedian-in-chief
"Quick-wit hi-jinks...  The group’s founder, Nannette Deasy, possess a laudable amount of stage presence and the delicacy needed to not be  a scene stealer. One doesn’t realize how funny her walk and talk really is until she drops it to say good night to the audience... The razor sharp IRTE is humor for the thinking man – and woman."  
Amy M. Frateo, Outerstage​, IRTE 2: A Scooby Snack that eats like a meal!
"Nannette Deasy was incandescent, exuding effortless stage presence, quick wit and an impeccable sense of comedic timing..."
Jason, Improvisation News, Off the Top, Take 3​
"The ensemble has a wit that made much of the show quotable. One of my favorite lines came near the end when Nannette’s evil cat character said “cat’s are nature’s little serial killers!” Oh, I died of laughter at that one. ... If you are looking for a good night of fun, definitely check out iRtE!"
Heather Boddy, THESPI-HONEST, iRtE Presents… “The Scary” (Improvised Stephen King)


"A clever cacophony of topical humor, retro references, and on-their-feet wit ... each entertainer had that extra charisma that kept the audience interested … and laughing. Standouts were Ms. Deasy and Mr. Zito."
Bob Greene, Outerstage, IRTE: More Than a HINT of Laughter
"The vibrant, expressive Nannette Deasy had an innate ability to think on her toes and cause raucous laughter as a result." 
Heather K., WGINY, Regular Friday Night Romp, "Off The Top Of Our Heads" Has Witty Performers Who Think On Their Toes
Spotlight On... Nannette Deasy       
"IRTE is a cutting edge improv group."Theatre has its Goddesses: Women making a difference off-off Broadway

Nannette Deasy